Dan Paulo Lalongisip

March 14, 2000

About Candidate

I am a graduating student of the BSAmt Program at Feati University. Even though I have not been able to work outside of the school that is related to aircraft, I make sure that I am armed with enough knowledge, skills, and attitude in becoming an aircraft mechanic. During our laboratory, I have honed my skills in sheet metal fabrications, avionics, troubleshooting, maintenance practices, and safety precautions when dealing with an aircraft.

I know that there are a lot of candidates for the job but, I am confident that I am the most qualified among them as I have enough and the right training. I am trained by industry personnel under an EASA aligned curriculum which focuses on maintenance practices, safety, and wide bodied aircrafts and its systems.

I think our university has better facilities than other universities which gives me an edge over other candidates.

During my time at the university, I was also awarded the 2018 red hat award for academic excellence which is given to those students in the aeronautics department that excelled in all the subjects.



Bachelor of Science in Aircraft maintenance technology 2018-2022
Feati University

We are the first batch of the k-12 curriculum and the first batch from Feati University that graduated on the EASA aligned curriculum that focuses on safety, hands-on practices, and wide-bodied aircraft and its systems. I also excelled academically during my days in the academy which is why I earned the award Red hat award for academic excellence on 2018 for having the highest grade point average among students in the department.


• Excellent in verbal and written communication
Well versed with tools, standard and safety practices
Willing to follow instructions from a superior
Strong team player
Highly committed on meeting deadlines
Aware of the safety precautions in dealing with an aircraft