Gie Anne Candida Montero Romero

January 23, 1992

About Candidate



Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology, Major in Computer Communications S.Y. 2009-2013
PATTS College of Aeronautics


Work & Experience

Avionics Releaser ATR72/42-500, ATR72/42-600 and ATR72-500 Freighter
Aviation Partnership Philippines Corporation

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: • Ensure that all maintenance requirements are carried out on time, including line station checks, deferred rectification and scheduled maintenance check and as per maintenance standards and practices. • Perform line checks and inspections in accordance with customer’s current instructions and approved maintenance programs and schedules. • Enter in the aircraft logbook and sign-off the performance of line checks and inspections and any other action taken thereof on all reported discrepancies. • Enter all observed discrepancies in the aircraft logbooks regarding defects observed during ground checks and inspections. • Perform daily routine check and inspection after termination of flights. • Perform pre-flight inspection immediately before air departure. • Rectify defects entered in the aircraft logbooks as reported by the flight crew or revealed during ground inspection. In case of no rectification, defer the action in accordance with customer’s aircraft MEL procedures and restrictions. • Perform routine inspections in accordance with the aircraft maintenance manual procedures as a result of lighting strikes, turbulence, heavy landing, etc. • Comply with the generated non-routine and routine remarks as required. • Maintain safety and cleanliness in the line and shops and recommend to immediate superiors any information that will ensure safety of personnel and equipment.