April 1, 1986

About Candidate

My name is Bobby Sapam, I was born in North East India and I live in Bangalore. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts (General) and a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management. I have always been an Aviation enthusiast who is passionate about demonstrating in the Aviation services field.

I started my career on August 21, 2005, and I chose Ramp as my career because I love Aircraft and I believe the Aviation Industry booming around the globe will hold the power to change the world. I have worked as ground staff in multi-functional fields for over 16+ years now and have gained hands-on experience in Aviation Ground Operations services. I directed a large team of Ground Operations services as shift-wise and also trained newly joined Ramp Staff by transforming to bring to perfection the Ramp team.

At present, as a Duty Manager-Ramp (Airside Operations), I controlled and managed everything from “Touchdown to Take Off”, and I always identified areas that could be improved and preempted issues that may escalate into problems. I will then troubleshoot and provide solutions to minimise disruption to Airside Operations because I am responsible for all the Ramp activities in my shift operations. I ensure that all the Aircraft during my shift charge are loaded safely, correctly, and in a timely manner, with the correct Baggage, Cargo, Mail and any other Special load. I also ensure that everyone follows SOP’s and works safely, following a “Safety First” working culture while maintaining OTPs.

Moreover, I am a key person responsible for the overall management of the entire operations teams and the associated as a key person accountable for the delivery of Aircraft Turnaround services for all the sections of the Ramp (Airside Operations) department to Air India-SATS customers airlines at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore on a 24 hours basis, ensuring high performance in the key areas of Safety, Security, Service Quality, Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness, Controllable Delays and Staff satisfaction.

*Now, I look forward to working in a reputed company because I feel it is a good platform for me to explore great opportunities and also contribute to the company’s growth and mission of creating Ground Operations services.



Shobhit University, School of Distance Education

Humanities (English, Hindi, History, Political Science & Economics)

Work & Experience


Managing Shift Operations and supervising the activities of a group of employees engaged in ramp and aircraft ground handling operations. Maintaining adequate staff and equipment levels to meet operational requirements, This includes allocating flights to be handled. Briefs subordinates on airline procedures and amendments thereto. Coordinates ramp services required by diverted and charter flights. Manage the allocation of competent staff for all flight movements to achieve optimum coverage in order to provide the required levels of customer service.

RAMP COORDINATOR March 9, 2015 - August 31, 2016

Responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the Ramp Operations Services at all times. Organized and performed supervision of a team, who are undertaking all loading/unloading and equipment operations activities to handle scheduled/non-scheduled flights as allocated. Complete all pre- and post-flight activities, as well as any other administrative and operational support needs. Monitor and control the ramp service activities carried out by the team of employees.

RAMP SUPERVISOR / FLIGHT CONTROL OFFICER April 17, 2011 - December 20, 2014

Supervise and direct the shift activities of assigned employees engaged in the handling of aircraft. Make sure service delivery standards are met while handling each airline. Make sure planned staff is available, plan and arrange staff for the coming shift. Confirm which recourses are available prior to aircraft arrival. Operating PBB (Aerobridge) on request in case of emergency priority due to lack of staff shortages. As a Flight Control Officer, Monitor all flight movements and messages, and communicate and coordinate with all sections and departments to ensure services are carried out by the staff allocated on time. A point of contact for all internal, external, and inter-departmental communication. Collects records and disseminates updated information, data, and documentation.

RAMP OFFICER / RAMP ASSISTANT April 16, 2008 - April 3, 2011

Directly involved in Aircraft Loading/Unloading and Ramp handling services. Assist the AOCC in performing job functions and duties, as well as aligning and retracting PPB operations. Supervising and control the activities of a group of employees engaged in aircraft ground handling activities that meet the security and safety requirements and service standards of airlines. Ensure adequate staff and equipment levels to meet operational requirements. Brief subordinates on airline procedures and amendments thereto. As a Ramp Assistant, Aircraft Loading/Unloading, Controls and Assist the aircraft handling activities for a specific shift assigned in a safe and secure manner meeting service delivery standards of the customer airline. Completes and signs various documents related to loading operations.

FLIGHT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT August 21, 2005 - March 5, 2008

Prepare Load Plan/LIRF and accurate completion of Load Sheet in accordance with all applicable safety rules and airline regulations. Assist AOCC and Airline Back Office job functions for day-to-day flight operations.  Fully aware of Load and Balance conditions of customer aircraft as per the Load & Balance Manuals.  Plan and issue loading instructions/LIR with a view to maximize revenue (optimum use of space).  Brief Ramp Agent regarding special and transit load providing all documents related and ensure accuracy in completion of loading activity.  Ensure all Dead Load is safely loaded in accordance with Airline Ground Operations Manual.  Complete Estimated Zero Fuel Weight for fuel uplift purposes and trim conditions.  Complete Trim and Load sheet /NOTOC etc accurately.  Ensure last minute changes are quickly attended to ensure on- time departure.  Fully up–to-date with the loading of AVI and stowage of special loads safely.  Dispatch of aircraft movement and other operations messages accurately.  Holds an applicable valid license for the type of aircraft handled.  Considers the impact of standby baggage and cargo and ensures space is well utilized.  Plans the allocated ground time available to ensure all activities are carried out efficiently and within the time.  Fully aware of safety and security implications while loading inside and around the aircraft.  Fully competent to issue accurate loading instructions to avoid problems down-line on multi-sectors for easy offloading at destination.  Aware of AVI and special load handling and stowage procedures.  Considers the impact of delay due loading/offloading to the customers.  Carries out other or related duties as assigned by Duty Officer.  Responsible to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and procedures of the company and customers  Responsible for exercising due diligence towards Health & Safety of self & others in the organization and also environmental protection.  Responsible for Safety & Quality of the function/ Task performed.  Responsible for reporting to his superiors' occurrences, events, violations and acts that may affect safety, security and company reputation.


Leadership Qualities
People Management
Pressure Handling
Problem solving and Decision making
Negotiation and Goal setting
Time management and Scheduling
Shift management
Collaboration and Roster-making
Staff allocation management
Communication and Motivation