Sherwin Edsel N. Trias

August 12, 1977

About Candidate

I Sherwin Edsel N. Trias, with more than ten years of experience in the field of Aircraft Maintenance and other work with different companies with different jobs. I’m proud to say that I have gained a lot of knowledge not just in honing my technical skills but also in learning to adapt in many different types of management.

As an Aircraft Technician, our priority is to comply with all the safety measures, troubleshoot, fix and prepare the aircraft for the next scheduled flight. Given with a limited grounding time to accomplish all the routine and non-routine tasks, decisions must be precise and with high quality of work.

Please see my attached resume for your review and additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements. I look forward in discussing my experience and background that meet your needs.


Sherwin Edsel N. Trias



B.S. Aircraft Maintenance Technology 1998
Air Link International Aviation School
Maintenance Technical Program 2005
Lufthansa Technical Training Phillipines

Work & Experience

Lead Aircraft Technician December 18, 2010
Emirates Airline

Perform Transit Checks on B777-300ER (Emirates Airline) Perform walkaround inspection of arriving aircraft. Replenish oil and hydraulics as per AMM requirement. Perform administrative duties before and after aircraft arrival. Coordinate with third parties in case of delays and other aircraft concerns. Operate ground equipments vehicles and equipments such as manlift and wheel change trolley. Ensure that adequate stocks of oil, hydraulics and other consumables are available. Coordinate with head office stores about incoming and outgoing parts and tools. Coordinate with Customs broker and other parties concerned on parts and tools shipment.

Aircraft Technician August 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010

Modification of Cabin Seats. Replaced of defective components of economy seats. Inspection of cabin seats (economy).

Aircraft Mechanic July 22, 2009 - July 25, 2010
Kuwait Airways

Perform Post -Flight Inspection. Perform Pre-Flight Inspection. Perform Transit Check. Perform Daily Check. Perform Weekly Check. Perform Pushback and Towing. Perform Aircraft Refueling Perform Defect Rectification/Component Change Perform Engine Change Perform Wheel Change

Aircraft Mechanic December 9, 2005 - July 11, 2009
Lufthansa Technik Philippines

Performs C-check Performs A-check, S1 and S2 checks Performs Transit and daily checks Performs heavy maintenance check Performs regular inspection, servicing, trouble shooting and rectification Performs component change, leak check of the following systems: Pneumatic, Fuel system, Landing Gear and Flight Controls Performs aircraft lubrication and greasing on cable and bearings Performs removal and installation of aircraft component for overhaul or due for defect or for rectification Performs removal and installation of Power plant Performs oil replenishing such as engine oil servicing Performs Base Maintenance Work Performs Servicing of Engine oil, IDG oil, APU oil and Hydraulic fluid in system Performa aircraft Servicing to lavatory system (water and waste system) Performs preparation of aircraft for towing, taxiing and engine run Prepares and assists on aircraft functional check and after engine run Perform compliance of Service and Technical bulletins. Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on aircrafts. Verifies that all operations and maintenance procedures are properly executed in accordance with applicable maintenance manuals and technical orders.

Junior Aircraft Mechanic/Rotary Department March 4, 2004 - September 3, 2004
Hawker Pacific Asia Pte. Ltd.

Annual Check of Bell 206 and Bell 412 Helicopters

Ground Instructor June 16, 2003 - February 18, 2004
Air Link International Aviation School

Part Time Instructor on Powerplant 1, Basic Science on Aerospace vehicles. Aircraft Propeller, Rotary Wing

Shipping Operator May 10, 2000 - October 27, 2003
Maxim Philippines Assembly Corporation

Picking and Packaging of Electrostatic Sensitive Devices.

Production Worker August 11, 1999 - January 10, 2000
House Technology Industries Pte. Ltd.

Installation of accessories on Bath units.

Receiving Clerk November 21, 1998 - May 19, 1999
Supervalue Incorporated

Receiving of Goods.


Aircraft Maintenance
Computer Literate