shandy padwa aditya

September 16, 1994

About Candidate

Im aircraft maintenance technician, my experinece in GMF AeroAsia, MRO based in jakarta indonesia. I have work in line maintenance and base maintenance 3years.
At line maintenance im handling 3 typing aircraft A330-200/300, B777-300ER, B747-200/300/400. In Line maintenance, jobdesk arrival departure technical handling, preflight, refueling, troubleshoting, servicing, maintenance preventive and minor maintenance.
At base maintenance im handling 2 typing aircraft B777-300ER, B747-200/300/400. And then in base maintenance jobdesk major maintenance, A-chk, C-chk, D-chk, overhoul and suport Troubleshoting, bite test, suport Run-up, suport RTS and suport delivery customer.
And now im fress graduation student AMTO147D for having General basic license Airfame & Powerplant (A1&A4) isud by DGCA.



Amd T.Pnb 2012
STTKD Yogyakarta

Program study D-3 Aeronautic

Eng 2019
AMTO 147

Study traning center General Licensi Aircraft Mechic Techninian fix wing A1&A4 issued by Directorat General Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Work & Experience

Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician February 2, 2016 - November 30, 2021
PT. GMF AeroAsia Tbk (Garuda Indonesia Group)

Expri 3years AMT line and base Maintenance at MRO Im handling wide and narrow body aircraft team B737,B777,B747 A320,A330 CRJ 1000 ATR 42/72


Senior Aircraft Mechanic