Job Description

Main Objectives

The post holder is required to perform all routine and non-routine maintenance tasks on all the current and future fleet in accordance with aircraft approved maintenance schedule and aircraft approved documentation and strictly adhere to authority rules and regulations.

He/She will be whenever required to support the recovery of AOG situations and to maintain Company and 3rd party aircraft in accordance with the approved maintenance schedule using approved methods and procedures.

Main Duties

• Perform Routine & Non-Routine maintenance on Company’s fleets  & Third party aircraft as per BCAA Regulations & Company  Requirements. Supervise assigned Technicians whilst performing their duties. Certify for all work performed
• He is required to obtain company certification authorization to qualify him to certify routine & nonroutine maintenance tasks on company fleets within the scope of his company approval.
• Whenever required he will obtain the required certification authorization to certify work performed on third Party aircraft.
• Perform duties when deemed necessary at short notice accompanying aircraft for the purposes of carrying out routine & non – routine maintenance tasks.
• Perform any task operationally deemed necessary to maintain the fleet in an airworthy condition.
• Attend training as per company requirements, and sit on company technical boards for obtaining Aircraft Type Certification.
• Whenever required by the company to perform technical representation at facilities outside the home base.
• Maintain self-read & write continuation training.
• Travel when required for the recovery of aircraft during an AOG situation
• Strictly adhere to company staff & safety rules & regulations
• Adhere and comply with Aircraft approved maintenance documents when performing all maintenance tasks and acquaint yourself with all the safety-related precautions to avoid personal injuries or damages to aircraft structures and systems.
• Ensure proper tools and equipment used for aircraft maintenance are in a serviceable and safe condition at all times. Report any faulty tool or equipment to the Duty manager.
• Ensure unserviceable tools/equipment are identified, isolated, and attach with an unserviceable tag.
• As part of maintenance, practices ensure all tools used are registered to ensure removal on task completion.
• Adhere to Airside safety rules and regulations in regard to driving and work areas.
• Adhere to the Company policy and procedures as laid down in the Technical Publications i.e. TIM, MOE, etc.
• Must maintain a high level of self-discipline and respect towards the instruction of his superiors
• Whenever operationally required, the company will train him to perform some specialized tasks like boroscope on company fleet engines, structure assessment/ repair, and others.
• Whenever necessary he will be required to the deputy for the Duty Manager during his absence on vacation, sickness, or training.
•  Ensure that all tools including mechanics tool boxes contents are checked before and after each task carried out on the aircraft. CRS must be signed only when all tools are accounted for.

Education & Training

  • Holder of a valid AME license B1 or B2 recognized to BCAA and Gulf Air QA, endorsed with Type rating on A320 Family or B787-9. Preference will be granted to holders of both types. Must be Computer literate, Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • Must have completed a recognized aircraft engineers apprenticeship / Formal training
Gulf Air Careers


• Minimum of 7 years experience in aviation maintenance and 3-5 years as a fully qualified certifying engineer.