Aircraft Mechanic

Job Description

  • Requires the complete dismantling, overhaul and reassembly of aircraft engines, including components and propellers. Must have knowledge of shop practices, be capable of following test procedures, drawings and production methods relating to the above. Carry out correct diagnosis of operating defects.
  • Requires the complete dismantling, build up and test of any one component, i.e. fuel systems, C.S.U. and individual components of a propeller. Must be familiar with complete build of engines, but is not required to engine test. Must be capable of carrying out balancing machine operations as applied to all rotary parts.
  • Responsible for installing, repairing and functioning any or all parts or components necessary to fabricate a complete airframe including rigging, i.e. the adjustment of flight and engine controls for correct coordinated linkage, tensions and travel. Must be a sight reader of blueprints and trouble shoot the work of Airframe Assemblers.
  • Requires the general servicing of aircraft power plants; this includes installation or removal of engines, engine mounts, propellers or other accessories, including cowls and coolers, and provide proper setting of controls, pre-flight engine run-up and trouble shooting.
  • Requires the overhaul, modification and/or installation of any or all piping, hydraulic or pneumatic units to schematic drawings, blueprints, engineering changes or verbal instructions. Required to perform testing, functioning, trouble shooting on any hydraulic or pneumatic unit, complete or partial installation.


Qualifications: External 
As our ideal candidate:

  • Have experience in the aviation industry as an aircraft mechanic 
  • Available to work all shifts 



Primary Location

 CA-ON-Toronto Downsview