May 16, 2022

Job Description

Main Objective

To manage and ensure a safe and efficient airport operation, in order that Gulf Air image, reputation, and Customer Service levels are maintained and enhanced to the highest standards.

Undertake full responsibility of the airport operation and administratively manage airport staff including Security, Maintenance

 functions and Ground handling service providers and ensure all the activities in the airport are aligned with the company’s mission, strategic objectives, policies and meet all legal, Governmental and other requirements and regulations.

Gulf Air Careers
Gulf Air Careers

Deputize the Country Manager or the Area Manager during their absence and annual leave to ensure the station functions smoothly and satisfactorilyMain Duties

  • Deputize for the Country Manager (CM) or the Area Manager (AM) during their absence from the station where the Airport Manager (APM) shall undertake full responsibility of the station to ensure it functions smoothly and satisfactorily.
  • Attend and participate in the monthly Station Coordination meeting organized and chaired by the CM or AM for all functional heads in the station to enhance synergy and team work of all staff in the station.
  • Any local HR issues of the airport are to be reported to CM.  APM to ensure staff involvement and consultation through local staff meetings and regular communications to staff having obtained direction from CM.
  • Report any ground occurrences affecting the flight safety/flight security or the flight operations including all ground incidents/accidents or concerns immediately to the local station engineer, IOC, MCC, DGS, SMS, SMGO and the CM if Aircraft/Airport operations/safety/security is affected.
  • Manage employees through a combination of guidance, training, support, motivation and delegation with successful monitoring and promotion of teamwork in order to further their development and dexterity.
  • Perform all administrative tasks in an accurate and timely manner. E.g. Monthly reports, Performance Appraisals, Baggage Claim Settlements, and general correspondence, particularly complaints.
  • All Local contracts shall be governed by ITC/BTB regulations.  The contracts related to the airport functions shall be negotiated by the APM in conjunction with the MO and Senior Manager Divisional Control/Financial Controller.  For Technical contracts, they should be negotiated by APM in liaison with the Financial Manager in Bahrain and RMM.
  • Actively participate with the CM in the various forums such as AOC/BAR and meetings with local authorities and agencies to represent and push for GF interests.
  • Implement product enhancements for the development, enhancement and improvement of services.
  • Conduct performance reviews for all staff.  Evaluate and grade their achievements for appropriate rewards and set future objectives in conjunction with the CM. For the Technical Staff, it shall be conducted in liaison with the Technical Supervisor/Manager.

  • Develop staff members by ensuring their training progression, appropriate delegation of responsibilities and duty rotations to further their advancement.
  • Responsible for all local staff welfare on local contracts.  APM will report any incidents or concerns to the CM in this respect copying in MO if Airport operations/safety/security is affected.
  • Ensure that the airport cash float, revenue and semi-revenue documents are properly accounted and that they or other GF products are not fraudulently misused.
  • Prepare the schedule of annual leave of the airport staff including Security and Maintenance personnel in coordination with concerned functional management in HDQ.
  • All annual leave requests are to be directed to CM and MO for authorization.  Once authority is obtained the APM has total responsibility in appointing a suitable and qualified person to undertake their duties whilst on leave.  The person nominated must be given clear guidelines and adequate handover information in order to perform the job function.  MO will give head office support and CM will give local support in the absence of APM. All local Technical Staff’s annual leave should be approved by the CM in co-ordination with their Station’s Maintenance Supervisor.
  • APM plans his Annual Leave with the CM in order to prevent their annual leave being overlapped.  The approval of the APM’s annual leave is vested in CM in liaison with Manager Outstations.

Main Duties – Functional:

Manage and monitor the functions of Airport, Cargo Operation, Security Implementation and Line Maintenance handling in liaison with the respective Functional Managers to ensure that they function satisfactorily as per the laid down respective procedures with a view to maintaining the standard level.

Implement and periodically review strategy to ensure that all procedures, standards and instructions as laid down by SMSPP and SMGO are complied with by airport staff.

Achieve the Ground Handling performance targets set by Ground Operations under the SLA, such as flight punctuality, check-in standards and baggage delivery times, in order that GF remains competitive at all times. This will be achieved through regular liaison with the management of Handling Agents and other service suppliers in order to identify problem areas and find solutions to them.

Ensure that adequate measures are implemented and maintained in order to protect the safety and security of the whole operation, including aircraft, passengers, cargo, baggage and employees.

Monitor all aspects of the ground operation in order to achieve and maintain acceptable customer service standards.

Plan ahead and estimate costs and requirements in terms of equipment and resources for Ground Operations office and its functions and prepare and submit the annual budget.

Prepare and constantly review local procedures for Diversion / Delay Handling / Disruptions and Emergency procedures for the reference of both GF staff and those of the handling agent.

Check on an ongoing basis the competency of both GF and Handling Agent Staff in all areas, particularly Load Control where licenses are required.

Manage and exercise control over financial matters in coordination with MO and FC/SMDC (Senior Manager Divisional Control) so that they remain within the predefined parameters of the station budget.

Maximize revenue from excess baggage collections and airport ticket sales and/or by securing additional interline traffic.  Ensure excess baggage collection is entered in the ASR on flight by flight basis. Ensure the overall smooth functioning of the airport.

Compile and forward a monthly report to MO/SMGO on a regular basis detailing the station’s activities for the month.

 Interact with the MO for guidance, support and authority for all major administrative and operational matters/policies in liaison with the CM.

Conduct Local Audits on an ongoing basis as defined and instructed by Ground and Security Services for the GHA in all aspects. Submit weekly and monthly reports to HDQ.

Airport head count is controlled via Head Office through MO.  Any requests to hire must be obtained from MO in coordination with the CM.

Interact with MO for guidance, support and authority for all major matters polices.

As directed by CM, APM play an active role in promoting GF brand product and services.  This will include supporting town office events/functions provided that the Airport operation has first priority.  As dictated by CM, APM encourage Airport Staff to participate in Sales and Marketing events/campaigns.

APM appointments and transfers will be determined by Ground Services.

Carry out any other tasks or duties as assigned by SMGO



Customer Service Oriented



Problem solving & decision making

Initiative and commitment to achieve

Organizing for results.


A University degree level of education and be able to communicate in English effectively both orally and in writing.

Qualified to an Advanced level in Passenger Services, Baggage Services, Ground Operations, Cargo, Weight &     Balance,  Reservations & Ticketing and Dangerous Goods Regulations.


A minimum of 7 to 10 years airline experience handling wide-bodied aircraft with large passenger uplifts of which 2 years should have been in either a Senior Supervisory or Managerial position.

Should be conversant with flight planning, the pertinent aspects of meteorology and Departure Control Systems.  Must be capable of working under pressure in an environment where a very high degree of initiative, self -motivation and control are required necessitating the job-holder to demonstrate leadership ability.

Must be able to operate and/or be familiar with various computerized systems e.g. for Reservations, baggage tracing and various software packages used by the Company such as Word, Excel etc.

Must be able to guide and motivate employees whilst being assertive, tactful and diplomatic as circumstances warrant.