Job Description

Main Objectives

To ensure correct day running of base tools store and to make sure adequate stock of consumables is maintained at the tools store to support the base checks. To make sure all servicing and test equipment are maintained and serviced ready for use by the base check team.


Preform aircraft towing and repositioning as required, must strictly following Airport regulations and company procedures while performing aircraft towing, he will be required to operate the ground equipment’s to support the base check requirements

Main Duties

  1. Responssible to issue aircraft consumables, tools and equipment to support base check operation.
  2. Control and secure the tools store to perevent pilfering.
  3. Maitain records for all issued and returned tools, servicing and test equipment and must make sure they are issued and returned in a serviceable condition.
  4. Any reported damaged or missing tool / equipment must be recorded in the handover and to make sure a report raised by the user for the damaged or missing tools / equipments, , the report to be submited to storekeeper supervisor for his follow up and corrective action.
  5. A unserviceable tag to be attached to the damaged tools /equipements.
  6. All damaged tools and equipments must be quarantined to prevent re-issuing to other users.
  7. Maintain records for tools / equipments on loan to third party and follow up with user to make sure they are returned in a serviceable condition, coordinate with BCDM to raise the charge sheets for the loaned tools / equipments.
  8. If tools /equipments damaged or lost during use by third party must be reported to BCDM, to make sure a detailed report raised by the third,  providing full details of the damage or missing, personal and company details, the report to be forwarded to the stores supervisor for follow up and raise the charges.
  9. During his duty hours must make sure that a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness  are  maintained at the tools store and surrounding areas.
  10. Ensure that all sevicing equipments are seviced and are in a seviceable and clean condition.
  11. Assist storeskeeper supervisor in the preparation of  AOG recovery kit in liasion with Base Check Duty Manager, MCC and materilas.
  12. Assist the Hangar Operations by towing the aircraft to and from the Hangar, EGR bay and the Airport.
  13. Strict compliance with campany safety and towing procedure. Adhere to Ramp Airside safety rules and regulations in regard to driving and work areas.
  14. Adhere to Ramp Airside safety rules and regulations in regard to driving and work areas.
  15. Strict compliance with airport regualtion in regards to aircraft towing and operating of the equipments.
  16. Must familierize himself with the airport layout.
  17. Full responsibility for the refuelling of vehicles and equipments.
  18. On daily basis, at the beginning of his duty, to ensure that all equipments and vehicles are serviceable and clean according to the standards and correctly positioned at the dedicated location at the hangar area..
  19. Whenever required to operate the equipments to assist the base check team perfom maintenace on the base check aircraft.
  20. Must mainteain high level of self despline and comply with the company staff rules and regulations.

Education & Training

  • Good knowledge of English language reading, wirting and speaking.
  • Must have P.C software literacy. 
  • Must hold a valid Heavy Vehicles driving licenses issued by ministry of Interior Traffic and Licensing
  • Must be familiar with the operations of all the ground equipment’s used at the base maintenance.


  • 3 years’ experience in aircraft towing activities and equipment’s operation.
  • Capable of working to agreed procedures as laid down by his supervisor.
  • Good knowledge in store keeping with 3 years in tools stores.