Cargo Duty Manager

August 27, 2022

Job Description

Job Description

The successful candidate will be part of SIA’s Cargo Division, Cargo Hub Operations & ULD Management.  

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Key Responsibilities: 

•  Overall in charge of the shift and decision maker for Cargo Hub Operations during the shift.

•  Supervise and monitor aircraft rotation, disruption, and cargo operations so that all operating processes are in accordance with airline requirements and company procedures.

•  Manage and track freighter aircraft movements system-wide. Follow up with downline stations to ensure adequate resources in an event of late inbound arrival (>1.5 hours) into their stations.

• Follow up with SIA OCC on flight cancellations, re-routing, re-scheduling, and flight diversion.

• Approve flight delays due to commercial, operational, technical, and other related issues (e.g. Crew, FTL, Airport/Airspace closure/curfew).

• Monitor charters, extra flight services, or relief flights.

• Follow up with stations to submit Delay Occurrence Report (DOR) promptly in the event of a flight delay. DMs must query stations if they do not explain the cause of the delay properly.

• Liaise with the respective Head Office departments (e.g. Space Management, Commercial Planning, Engineering, and Flight Ops) on follow-up actions in the event of aircraft on the ground.

• Manage Freighter-related crises until the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) is set up. Liaise with SIA OCC to ensure all concerned parties are informed of the incident. This includes the activation of the Cargo Functional Group internal recall list of persons for Crisis Management System (CMS) data entry and other duties as required by the Manager Cargo Analysis (CMC Appointment Holder).

• Monitor Hub GHA performance and ensure that GHA meets all Service Level Agreements (SLA).

• Plan and deploy staff, equipment, and other resources effectively to meet operational needs.

• Liaise with GHA staff on flight handling consisting of export, import, ECC, Coalport, and E-Hub operations.

• Ensure GHA staff handle special cargoes such as Dangerous Goods, Perishable, and Vulnerable as well as sensitive shipments (e.g. HUM, DIP), according to SIA’s handling procedures.

• Educate staff on ways to avoid damaging cargo and not to reuse unserviceable, damaged, or soiled Aulds.

• Ensure that staff follow up on all irregularities reported.

• Coordinate all activities pertaining to charter operations.

• Perform loadsheet/loadmaster duties at overseas stations when required.


•  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university

•  Safety and operations-focused and service-oriented.

• Preferably with cargo operations/weight & balance experience/customer handling experience.

•  Posses system knowledge and IT skills e.g. MS Word, Excel, RX, etc.

•  Preferably with a driving license.

•  Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills.