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Job Description

Job Purpose

As the senior Emirates dispatch representative co-ordinate all functions of each aircraft turnaround, driving and motivating those involved to achieve safe and punctual departures of Emirates flights whilst maximizing the payload, in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Act as the primary point of contact at the aircraft for all Group stakeholders, Government departments, and external agencies such as DNATA, DCA, Flight Operations, and Service Delivery.

Job Outline:

– Makes decisions on key operational issues such as the offload of passengers and/or baggage and cargo to ensure that the Emirates flight schedule is maintained in accordance with the published precision timing schedule (PTS). Takes accountability for, and has authority to make decisions on the acceptance of last-minute or delayed loads that could potentially delay flight departures. Follows the flight briefing and establishes, in consultation with the Emirates Duty Controller, when a delay is acceptable operationally and commercially.

– Plans a strategy for flight departures prior to commencing any precision timing activities after seeking and interpreting a full flight briefing (e.g. en-route restrictions, flight crew limitations, etc) via Emirates Hub Control Centre (HCC). Conducts a briefing to all stakeholders involved in the flight departure and establishes any operational shortfalls, organizing immediate remedial solutions within acceptable standards so that an on-time departure can be achieved.

– Manages the departure flight process by leading the EK and DNATA teams with a ‘can-do attitude that inspires those around them while consistently seeking to optimize the on-time performance and/or maximize the payload. Evaluate any anticipated delays to identify opportunities to further maximize payload revenue and enhance customer service.

– Maintains full contact with the Emirates Duty Controller in the HCC via the tetra radio network and/or the personal digital assistant (PDA) to allow full transparency of the critical path of the flight departure. This enables the Network Control Centre (NCC) to streamline the base station and network operations through the effective tactical decision making

Qualifications & Experience

Airport Operations, Other: 5+ Years

10 Years schooling or equivalent

Successful completion of the Emirates Fundamentals of Load Control and/or Advanced Load Control training (or external equivalent) is a desirable qualification.

Dubai based, internal applicants must have a ramp driving license Other applicants must also have a driving license approved by their home country Airline/Handling experience either above or below the wing (in one or more core areas such as cargo, load control, passenger services, ramp) in a major international airport.

To operate within the training role, previous experience of coaching on either a formal or informal basis is essential


Ability to work under pressure For training role leadership capability and the ability to act as a role model for new and junior staff is essential