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March 8, 2022

Job Description

Job Description

1. Uploading Schedules – Summer / Winter schedules in the system. (26th Mar – 26th Oct / 27th Oct – 27th Mar)
2. Loading New flights – Additional Commercial / Charters (with lig updations)
3. Actioning IRROPs (OCC + NP) – Cancellations, Reinstating, Re-accommodations, Flight delays, Flight preponement, and Changing of flight numbers.
4. Complaints – Responding to Refund / Feedback team for customer complaints on IRROPs.
5. Flight Status – Opening/closing flights in the system as per requests.
6. Connections – Creating manual / Adhoc connections as per requests.
7. Buddy tickets – Approving/rejecting.
8. Opening of 365 days inventory.
9. Actioning Daily flight plan (from OCC)
10. Meals, Seats & Infants – Updation of meals, seats& Infant’s SSRs in the system.
11. Opening Charter flights – Updating the sales lids as per request from Groups.
12. Releasing seats / Updating sales Lids – As per requests from other stakeholders.
13. OAL booking – Creating as per requests received by APS.
14. SITA – Sending requests for adding & deleting GoAir Flights in the SITA system
15. Updating currency in the reporting.
16. Collation of Payload information from APS.
17. UAT Testing – Updating/managing test scenarios in UAT as advised by stakeholders.
18. System Issues – Finding solutions with the help of IT for any system-related discrepancies.
19. Audits – Ensuring all reports & QC checks are in place for all kinds of audits.
20. SOPs – Updating & maintaining Space control SOPs. (Manager)
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Key Requirement for the Position

Positive attitude, willingness to do all shifts including night shifts & knowledge of Excel