Flight Data Software Engineer

April 12, 2022

Job Description

Job Description

Flight Data Software Engineer

At British Airways, we take huge pride in our past – but we’re looking to the future as an airline that loves embracing the best of modern Britain. Our country’s creativity, diversity, style, wit and warmth are the same special qualities that make us who we are.

If you’re made of the same qualities as us, you could soon be part of the next chapter of our story. Together as one team, we’re connecting Britain with the world and the world to Britain like no one else.

The Role

British Airways is looking for a Software Engineer interested in designing and developing new modern applications for data processing and analysis, in a cloud native AWS environment.

We work with binary flight data, real time maintenance records and other data sources; to provide tools and information to enable effective troubleshooting of aircraft performance issues. Our applications use AWS Lambdas and Containers with a backend written in python, we use an Angular SPA as our frontend application.

As part of this role, you will be working on across the tech stack to develop and improve all aspects of the applications based on feedback from the teams and your own ideas.

Your responsibilities will include

– Handling various types of aircraft data with libraries like NumPy and pandas

– Developing and enhancing capabilities and features of the existing platform

– Architecture reviews on existing and new developments

– Looking beyond current skills, tools, and frameworks to push the boundary

– Provide quick responses to queries from the operation

– Support and management of aircraft software development

Core Languages/frameworks we use

– Python 3.8+, Typescipt 4.4+ and Angular 13+

– NumPy and Pandas

AWS technologies we use

– Compute: Lambda and Fargate

– Database: DynamoDB and PostgreSQL (on RDS)

– Storage: S3

– SQS, API Gateway, Cognito, Amplify, Glue, Athena