Flight Dispatcher

Job Description

An Indian DGCA Approved Flight Dispatcher with recurrency for dispatching Airbus 320/321 or ATR 72-600 aircrafts.

She/He should also comply with the below mentioned requirements and would be responsible for

1.      Exercising operational supervision and assist the Pilot-in-Command for the safe & efficient planning and monitoring of a flight.

2.      Performing Operational Flight Watch and for determining if changes in operational and meteorological conditions may affect the safety of flights within a prescribed area or on assigned routes, and for communicating those changes to the Pilot-in-Command.

3.      Maintaining the Flight Dispatch written log of company radio transmissions between OCC and aircraft and electronic record of all ACARS transmissions between OCC and aircraft.

4.      Support and collaborate with leadership, team & internal departments to ensure smooth operations and think of innovative ideas to streamline processes with proper execution.

5.      The developing, reviewing, authorizing, issuing and revising, as required, of the Operational Flight Plan for all scheduled and non-scheduled flights inclusive of training and test flight operations, in keeping with Safety, Regulatory, Customer Service, and Company fiscal requirements.

6.      Assisting the PIC for the release of an aircraft to operate in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Operational Flight Plan. However the final decision lies with the Pilot in Command.

7.      Analyzing operational conditions and identify any opportunities that may constrain, impede or benefit operational capabilities inclusive of, but not limited to weather, facilities, Air Traffic Control, and aircraft performance.

8.      Analyzing operational and meteorological conditions to evaluate and determine the safest and most efficient minimum fuel requirement.

9.      Formulating and implementing revised Operational Flight Plans when conditions warrant, and for communicating the revised plans to the Pilot-in-Command.

10.  To provide the Pilot-in-Command with a thorough and professional flight crew briefing package, covering all significant information which may impact the operation of his flight.