Flight Engineer

March 3, 2022

Job Description

About the Company:

Raphe mPhibr Pvt. Ltd is a Hi-tech Aerospace manufacturing company. We supply customized comprehensive UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solutions to the Indian Defence forces and other Intelligence agencies. Our innovation spreads across a broad spectrum, and our research spans many advanced engineering fields. Our primary focus is to innovate for our defense forces and support India to become self-reliant in defense manufacturing. We have spurred a revolution in combat drones by indigenously developing and manufacturing every subsystem that is used in a UAV.

Narendra Modi Ji hands over drone made by Raphe mphibr

Do you want?

· Opportunity to work with the elite commandos.

· Opportunity to be part of National Mission of Strategic importance

· Opportunity to work alongside highly innovative and technical minds.

· Competitive salary based on your skills.

· Outstanding career growth opportunity

Raphe mPhibr Drone

Job brief:

We are looking for a Drone Pilot to join our flight team. Our pilots use the most advanced technology to fly excellent drones. Our pilots are part of a scientific analysis group that enhances drone design and development. They fly drones in simulated environments, challenging terrain, and areas yet to be explored.

Do you want to be part of a great team of drone pilots and scientists? If yes, then let’s tame the actual engine. Sounds interesting? Come, join us on this incredible journey!

Don’t just dream about what’s Next – build it!

Required Skills:

  • Good knowledge of MS office
  • Good analytical ability
  • Experience in console gaming background like PS4, War zone, Call of duty, and Rainbow six siege.
  • Written and verbal communication

Desired Skills:

  • Have a spirit of adventure, including participating in outdoor games.
  • Physical & mental fitness to undertake endurance activities.
  • Confident and pleasant personality

As a Pilot, you will::

  • Conduct flight tests and demonstrations of high-end drones.
  • Operationally deploy the drones in challenging topography and environment.
  • Observe, analyze, and generate flight reports based on flight behavior.
  • Work on flight simulation for electronics, software, and hardware in loop testing and generate the reports.
Raphe mPhibr Drone exhibition

Degree and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Someone with a B. Tech degree will be a plus