Flight Operations Engineer

Job Description

Job Description

Credits to airasiacareers
  • Act as a focal point for aircraft performance analysis and assessment
  • Administer flight operations documentation including but not limited to FCOM, FCTM, QRH and AFM.
  • Administer Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and other performance related software.
  • Conduct airfield and route assessment.
  • Provide technical support on matters including but not limited to aeronautical charts and navigation database.
  • Provide technical support on a flight test.
  • Implement projects that will enhance safety and increase efficiency
  • Responsible for fuel efficiency data by making sure data is captured and presented in a simple and easy to use format
  • Continuously drive improvement in fuel savings initiatives and identify fuel efficiency gains
  • Perform monthly aircraft fuel consumptions and analyze deficiencies with fuel monitoring tool provided
  • Provide technical support to flight crew and respond to queries raised on flight reports and matters related to aircraft performance, operating minima and aircraft evaluation
  • Manage operational documents to ensure that operational procedures are always up-to-date and minimize operations disruptions
  • Provide Airport Obstacles Database updates for use with Electronic Flight Bag applications
  • Assess impact to AirAsia operations where there is a change in regulations and operating procedures
  • Perform route analysis for new destinations in the airlines including performance analysis and risk assessment
  • To revise and distribute supplementary document to CPO of affected AOC’s and all other stakeholders for review if required
  • Provide relevant technical support to EFB and navigation database


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  • Must have a Bachelor of Degree in Aeronautical / Aerospace / Mechanical Engineering
  • Possess excellent technical and communication skills with the ability to deliver tasks within tight deadlines
  • Ability to gather information systematically, analyze and identify the root cause of problems
  • Strong technical knowledge of aircraft and systems, including flight planning systems
  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills
  • Ability to interact and influence business leaders
  • Willing to travel occasionally 
  • Have excellent, interpersonal, mature and good team player

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