Job Description

Job Purpose

To assist aircraft technicians in carrying out maintenance activities on Emirates fleet and third-party a/c and components in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations. The role holder will form part of a team reporting to an LAE and will always work under the supervision of senior staff.

Qualifications & Experience

Engineering.Maintenance Control: 1+ Year 10 Years schooling or equivalent : Experience: No experience required for a technical role. 1+ years? experience of aircraft maintenance activities and an awareness of the working environment would be advantageous. Knowledge/skills: Familiarity with industrial/engineering work. Should be able to communicate effectively in English. Safety Sensitive role- Yes Details of Safety Sensitive role ENA Working at height Yes Exposure to hazardous energy systems Yes Heavy lifting Yes Working in areas with motorized mobile equipment Yes Work in confined spaces Yes Contact with contaminations materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals) Yes Contact with dangerous good Yes Work in an extremely noisy environment Yes Work in heat Yes Working with pressurized substances Yes Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects Yes Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects. Yes Airport driving permit Yes Other ( please specify)

Salary & Benefits

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