Junior IT Support Technician

June 9, 2022

Job Description

Job Purpose

To install, maintain, repair, and service various computer devices, BRS scan guns, and BRS systems used within Emirates Group to maintain the performance levels of the business units.

Job Outline:

Emirates IT Technical Support Careers

– To carry out site preparation to complete installation of computer devices and BRS equipment within the set time frame.

– To carry out site necessary infrastructure jobs to complete the desktop and telephone installations.

– To configure and deploy new RF BRS scan guns maintenance.

– To carry out the maintenance and servicing of the BRS equipment in a cyclic fashion followed by a workshop bench testing to improve the uptime of the equipment.

– To provide support to engineers and Sr. Technicians in respective teams (BRS, Desktops and server deployment, IT workshop) for installation of new equipment, repair and servicing of faulty equipment to rectify faults.

– To provide second level support on BRS PC scan servers and wired scan guns installed at the Airport

– To provide second-level support on the new technology RF BRS scan guns and ultra system.

– To carry out basic checks on reported faulty equipment to enable speedy replacement.

– To report faults noticed during periodic maintenance and replace equipment to provide the necessary support.

Qualifications & Experience

Information Technology.Hardware:

3+ Years Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) :

Experience in desktop servicing, installation, and cabling of LAN/WAN-related networks.

Knowledge of tools such as cable tester, crimping tools, multi meter Working knowledge of PCs and office tools i.e. MS word and Email User support

IT Technical Support Careers
IT Technical Support Careers
Salary & Benefits

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