Licensed Aircraft Engineer 

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Licensed Aircraft Engineer to be part of our maintenance team who will be responsible for successfully carrying out a variety of maintenance tasks on an aircraft in accordance with Jazeera Airways procedures and aviation regulations and will be responsible for ensuring the full serviceability and airworthiness of the company aircraft at any time.

Jazeera Airways Careers
Jazeera Airways Careers

Responsibilities and duties:

• Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities as required to support the successful operation of the Jazeera fleet.
• Manages, encourages and motivates the team to accomplish the tasks required in accordance with company policies and procedures, with a special focus on documenting maintenance activities. Determines materials, tooling, and support required to perform assigned maintenance tasks.
• Provides guidance and/or on-the-job training for technicians and mechanics.  
• Manages inspections and defines priorities of defects to be rectified. Identifies skill sets required and coordinates effective use of pool personnel available to you.
• Proactively find solutions to the defects to ensure efficient resolution while adhering to safety, regulatory, and company policies and any impending issues or areas of concern that may have an impact on aircraft and in particular cabin system serviceability.
• Responsible for the final release of work while ensuring tasks are performed to meet the standards and targets such as aircraft availability, system reliability, and level of acceptable deferred defects.
• Reviews work procedures, equipment, and standards to propose improvements to ensure work processes are effective. Implement solutions to technical problems within his scope of works
• Produce on time, delivery responsibility, and required standard of aircraft reliability and appearance.
• Perform additional tasks as required and requested by the Maintenance Manager whenever needed.

Requirements and Qualifications:

• Valid license without limitations (Part 66 B1 and/or B2) and current General Civil Aviation Authority or equivalently recognized international license.
• A320/A320 NEO Approved type training course.
• Intermediate level English, min. B2 level/ able to communicate, read and understand maintenance tasks in English manuals.
• Approximately 5+ years of certification experience.
• At least 2 years experience performing maintenance preferably on Airbus types.
• At least 2 years of experience in a Line or Base Maintenance environment.
• Good Avionics Maintenance Knowledge and experience.
• Able to demonstrate a solid basic understanding of Avionics Systems Maintenance theory and practice.