Officer/Executive – Security, Customer Service & Ramp

Job Description

Job Description

Eligibility Criteria :-

  1. Minimum educational criteria – 12th Pass for OFFICER LEVEL ONLY( Freshers)
  2. For Executive level (aviation experienced candidates) minimum educational criteria is Graduation
  3. Applicants with no Aviation experience– Age up to 27 years
  4. No visible tattoos
  5. Flexibility of working in rotational shifts including Night shifts
  6. Aspirants of Ground staff only ( Security / Customer Service /Ramp / Catering / Cabin Appearance /Cargo )

Position – Officer/ Executive – Customer Service/ Ramp/ Security


Officer/Executive – Security – AO&CS

(OUText – Security)

Screeners & Basic Avsec certification preferred

Primary Responsibility:

You will be responsible for the implementation of security policies and procedures laid down by the company. 


To secure

·        Safe operation

·        Punctuality

·        Customer Satisfaction

·        Team efficiency

·        Cost control

·        Secure good working atmosphere and environment


Manage safe and secure operations in accordance with security programs and applicable procedures.

Functional Responsibilities:

·        Maintain standards as per Company requirements

·        Ensure effective threat assessment and response capability

·        Achieve department goals and follow up

·        Perform duties as per the Security Programme.

·        Maintain performance standards and follow up with your shift

·        Monitor continuously the Quality System and the level of conformance

·        Secure quality levels

·        Optimize resource

Aware of emergency response procedures, rules, and regulations

Acquire and maintain the necessary skills required to perform job functions.

·        Maintain work procedures as per company requirements

·        Carry out development dialogue with the Team leaders

  • Control theft and pilferage of company property

Officer/Executive – AO&CS in the role of Customer Service

(text: “Customer Service”)

Job purpose:

To carry out safe and secure on-time operations in accordance with the ground operations manual and all applicable procedures.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Assist customers through all procedures related to arrivals & departures in the following activities.

Reservations & ticketing:

  • Making reservations across the counter
  • Selling of tickets.
  • Remitting cash to the concerned department.
  • Answering customer queries over the telephone.


  • Attend the pre – flight and post flight briefings.
  • Setting up of check in counters.
  • Screening of checked in baggage.
  • Maintain high quality of Check in procedures.
  • To assist customers with special requests.


  • To assist customers with special requests.
  • To assist customers with Mishandled / damaged baggage. Prepare all required reports for the same.
  • Co-ordination with the baggage vendor for the damaged bags.
  • Follow up with the en-route stations regarding lost baggage.

Post-flight departure 


Officer/Executive – AO&CS in the role of Ramp

(OUText – Ramp)

Job Responsibilities

L & T & LO certification preferred.

·        Confirm the ETA of the flight from OCC or System (Navitaire).

Take the bay number from Apron and convey it to all the stations on the R.T.

Ensure that you are at the bay D-20 min with all the equipment required.

Note down the touchdown and chocks and convey them to R.T.

·        Allign the ramp properly.

·        Make sure there are enough coaches available for deplaning the pax and take care that baggage should reach Arrival before the pax.

·        Check the cleaning and take the boarding clearance from the Cabin crew and announce it on R.T.

·        Make sure loading is done as per Loading Instruction Report given by the Load and Trim staff.

After departure, make sure that all the equipment is sent back to the transport yard.

·         Fill the ramp filling.

·        During the flight ensure everyone is smooth, safe and flight is on time.

be aware of and comply with his/her safety responsibilities and accountabilities as laid down in the IndiGo SMS Manual, Chapter Safety Policy, and Objectives.

“Be aware of and comply with his/her safety responsibilities and accountabilities as laid down in Indigo SMS Manual, Chapter Safety Policies and Objectives”.