December 27, 2021

Job Description


The Technical Publications officer’s team provides timely documentation updates and support. Keeps control over the technical publications inventories distributed to all end users that require having technical manuals. Maintains direct communication with OEM to request any support required to assure a smooth operation. Maintain updated technical publications acquiring subscriptions. Inform the Technical Publications Server users about the latest news and updates made on the server. Handle and control the document and update distribution. Maintains a complete technical publications library containing the maintenance manuals sets from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) needed to perform Maintenance activities, Logistics, and Quality Control operations for the assigned aircraft fleet. Ensures publications are updated according to Original Aircraft Manufacturer’s status report, performing inspections to technical publications to all end users. Processes together with Material Control all technical publications requests submitted by maintenance personnel. A thorough understanding of technical publications composition is required. Supports and reports to Manager – Quality Control & Engineering.
Will also be responsible for

1. Documents control management, including sensitive documentation destruction procedures. This includes proper labeling, classification, and distribution.
2. Maintain continuous communications with OEM. This includes reporting discrepancies, requesting the latest technical publications status, and revision/change.
3. Perform technical publications audits to check if distributed inventories are updated, with proper revision insertion, condition, and proper use.
4. Comply with all companies and customer sops in support of all Maintenance operations.
5. Maintain continuous contact with U.S. Army to Request and track FMS case publications, and take special care with Technical Assistance Agreements and other restrictions like ITAR.
6. Receive, process, and distribute updates, changes, and revisions to the affected publications in all dependencies, including the Technical Publication Office.
7. Keep controlled all technical publications quantities distributed around the bases and deployed kits.
8. Ensures that the content of the technical publication server is updated and available to all personnel 24/7.
9. Provide a recurring training program to adequately instruct personnel on how to handle technical publications.
10. Process all the technical publications requests.
11. Maintain technical publications up to date including, customer-issued manuals, local manuals, media, documents, and all publications related to the direct maintenance support of the customer’s fleet.
12. Manage the subscriptions and renewal process.
13. Properly distribute and inventory new manuals being assigned to line maintenance, quality control, and logistics personnel.
14. Scheduled download of latest Information Services (SB, SL, ASL, etc.) for the applicable fleet including engines and systems; the schedule includes weekends.

NATIONALITY:- No Restriction


-High School Diploma Associate (Aerospace Technology)AS / AA degree in aviation-related studies preferred.
-BA/BS in Engineering, Aeronautical or Mechanical preferred.


-Minimum of 3 Years Experience managing technical publications for civil or military operations
-Technical Publications, Information Services (SB, SL, ASB, etc).
-Document Control Management.
-Procurement processes and OEM Contract Processes.
-Aviation Unit Maintenance
-Aviation Intermediate Maintenance.
-Knowledge of Programming HTML with javascript and CSS Course Webpage design and development.