Senior Cargo Handling Assistant

June 9, 2022

Job Description

Job Purpose


Coordinate and support the Cargo Conformance department to meet certification and recertification of SkyCargo Quality Management process by external and internal stakeholders. Prepare and distribute analytical reports and data trends related to Cargo Conformance, Cargo Safety, and adherence to set quality process by proactively compiling information from various sources within Cargo operations and by way of investigations of Cargo related safety and non – conformance incidents reported network-wide. Act as the first point of contact for SkyCargo outstation teams for queries related to regulatory conformance and quality standards.

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1) Document Control

Review, update and collate outstation audit checklists on an Annual, Monthly (Freight stations), and Quarterly basis. Checklists to be stored and database maintained for all outstations on the EK SkyCargo network. Review and update the Hub audit checklist as and when needed to meet the industry standards so that the EK SkyCargo Conformance Audits are in compliance with international standards. Maintain database of regulatory checklists for all stations on the EK SkyCargo network.

2) Quality Audits

Prepare the quality audit schedules for all areas, ensuring that these are then approved and distributed to all participating staff and operational sections. Take part in internal quality audits as an Auditor/ participant. Coordinate with all audit teams for purposes of collecting audit results, recording non – conformities raised, and following – up on corrective actions and result in analysis.

3) Incident investigations and reporting

Prepare investigation reports of safety and nonconformance incidents detailing recommended process changes and mitigation tasks.

4) Management Reviews

Collate and analyze audit findings and ascertain areas of concern across EK SkyCargo network stations to be presented for management meetings related to regulatory conformance requirements. Assist the Cargo Conformance Officer & Cargo Operations Conformance Manager (COCM) in preparing for review meetings by preparing and consolidating relevant information related to outstation conformance and quality standards.

5) Quality Action Teams

Maintain a regular status on quality action teams within all operational areas, as regards the participating members, the projects handled and status of each, the tools/ training needed, and finally the results of project implementation.

6) Training support

Support the COCM and CCO in the preparation of training schedules and organizing training aids and suitable training facilities. Also, assist with the recording of training performance results. During the longer term, the job holder will be expected to deliver basic quality-related courses and materials for the same prepared under guidance from the COCM and CCO.

7) Miscellaneous Admin Support

Provide administrative support during the preparation of project plans and schedules for implementation of fresh quality/ business excellence initiatives, organizational benchmarking exercises, etc.