Senior Pilot Selection Assessor

Job Description

Provide specialised expertise and technical knowledge in supporting the selection of pilot candidates for Qatar Airways flight deck. Accountable for the consistent delivery of key services, quality control, implementation of standard practices and team workloaddistribution in shortlisting. Supports the over-all selection process of pilot candidates, assisting the development of psychometric and personality development tools, instrument and sophisticated recruitment based behavioural assessments to enable the company to use best methods in the selection process. Some responsibilities include:

  • Have the required knowledge of OM-D, QCAA and company regulations to perform job tasks in efficient manner
  • Ensures all work conducted with or in connection with the flight deck and pilot selection is carries out to the standards outlines in the pilot recruitment and selection manual to ensure accuracy of all pilot candidates’ official documents.
  • Contribute in devising selection tests and improving the selection process by meeting and liasing with new joining pilots from time to time.
  • Reports and recommends changes to the senior manager ground training and pilot selection of shortcoming in the selection process by reviewing technical quiz questions, psychometric testing and interview questions.
  • Ensures data bank of technical quiz questions administered to pilot candidates is relevant, correct and up to date as per tests administered world-wide to the pilot community.

Qualifications and Experience:

Without a Degree:

  • Grade 7: High School Qualification / Vocational Qualification /Diploma or Equivalent (Type of Diploma Based on Role) with Minimum 5 years of job-related experience


With a Degree:

  • Grade 7 : Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent with Minimum 4 years of job-related experience


Qatari Nationals:

  • Grade 7: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent without prior experience


  • Bachelors Degree or quivalent
  • Sound operations and technical experience
  • Expert – minimum 8 years of job-related experience required

Preferred (i.e. required to do the job successfully over time, can be trained or would be advantageous but not imperative)

  • Experience within Qatar Airways

Job Specific Skills:

Essential (i.e. required from day one and critical to the success of the job)

  • Project management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Managerial skills – ability to delegate work, set clear direction and manage workflow, strong mentoring and coachinf skills, ability to train and develop subordinate’s skills. Ability to foster teamwork among team members