Synthetic Flight Instructor 

Job Description

– Conduct transition FSTD, ground school lectures, briefings, and de-briefings.
– Conduct elements of the recurrent training program in the FSTD.
– Complete accurate detailed reports or assessments of pilots under instruction.
– Recommend additional or remedial training for any pilot who is not progressing at an acceptable rate.
– Develop course material in the specialist subject as requested in accordance with regulations.
– Conduct other duties as required by Training Management.
Eligible SFI candidates will have the opportunity to upgrade to Synthetic Flight Examiner (SFE) based on Company requirements.

Qualifications & Experience

Education: 12 Years of schooling or equivalent
Experience: Flight Operations.Other: 3+ Years
Knowledge/ Skills:
– Hold or have held an ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category.
– Previous Instructional experience.
– Have at least 1500 hours of flying experience as a pilot on multi-pilot aircraft.
– B777 or A380 type rating is an advantage.