Technical Services Engineer (Inflight Entertainment)

Job Description

Job Description

The successful candidate will join the Technical Services Department in SIA Engineering Division. He/She will work with a team of engineers in the Technical Services Department to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the inflight entertainment and connectivity (i.e. IFEC) onboard SIA’s fleet.

Key Responsibilities include:

• Pursue with aircraft manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and aircraft maintenance suppliers resolutions for IFEC-related defects.

• Perform reliability reviews of IFEC systems/components and work with suppliers on improvements.

• Work with IFEC suppliers to develop diagnostic and prognostic monitoring of each aircraft, and make recommendations for corrective and/or preventive actions necessary to avoid unscheduled flight interruptions.

• Maintain oversight and management of IFEC supplier performance.

• Generation of regular IFEC reliability reports for management reporting.

• Evaluate Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD) for the accomplishment of modifications based on analysis of airline operations and financial cost-benefit analyses.

• Liaison with other Divisions to investigate IFEC defects related to content and media; and to ensure proper integration with and management of content for the IFEC system.

• Liaison with IFEC suppliers and their retrofit suppliers to settle installation discrepancies, and ensure proper integration of the IFEC system with the aircraft and the airline’s operations.

• Negotiation and administration of IFEC system contracts and Service Recovery Voucher reimbursement settlements with IFEC suppliers.

• Generate repair schemes to address minor discrepancies on the aircraft.

• Participate in requirements definition for IFEC systems for new aircraft, and participate in the system and software acceptance testing of the new product.

• Work with IFEC supplier on EIS preparations.

• Other duties and responsibilities assigned by management.


• Possess at least a Degree in Engineering.

• Be able to work independently and also be a good team member. Since the job requires interaction with various user departments, good interpersonal skills will be necessary.

• Be able to analyze, diagnose a problem and provide an effective solution.

• Willing to work on shift if required.