Job Description

Main Objectives

Carry out cleaning / paint stripping required on Gulf Air wheels and brakes, working to detailed instruction, supervised by Wheel and Brake Lead Technician and /or Specialist.Main Duties

Credits to airbus
  1. Wheels and Brakes assistants should follow all directives of the Wheels and Brakes Lead Technician, Specialist and / or Licensed Engineer (workshops).
  2. Clean / Paint strip aircraft wheels and brakes components.
  3. Assist the wheel and brake technicians during maintenance/repair/modification of the aircraft wheels and brakes.
  4. Work efficiently with the workshop team in a manner that normal Turnaround Time TAT is met on consistent basis.
  5. Responsible to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of equipment in the shop in a serviceable condition.
  6. Keep the work area and the shop clean.
  7. Take up additional jobs, as and when, required.

Education & Training

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Must have completed Secondary School or equivalent Industrial.

Must be able to read and understand English to acceptable level.Experience

Good knowledge of basic hand and powered tooling.

Desirably to have minimum two (2) years of some mechanical working experience.