Workshop Engineer (Repair Operations & Machining)

Job Description


  • Lead and supervise a team of Technicians in Repair Operations.
  • Ensure technicians execute the standard repair processes properly for specific aircraft engine parts within the cell with current approved technical data and standard work processes, including level 3 operation procedures.
  • Plan and schedule Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) of equipment.
  • Solve technical issues and problems as appropriate when encountered during daily activities.
  • Assist the Operations Leader/ Assistant Foremen/ Cell Leaders in their day-to-day operations to achieve production targets, corporate goals, and discipline.
  • Carry out SAP transactions and make necessary changes to works order in SAP.
  • Perform cross-functional jobs within the department if required.
  • Actively support and participate in Continuous Improvement, Environment Health & Safety (EH&S), and Quality projects and initiatives 
  • Comply and adhere to the code of ethics as well as EH&S regulations, standards, requirements, and procedures.
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or any other relevant engineering discipline.
  • 2 years of relevant technical experience in the aerospace industry. Open to consider candidates with no experience with full/partial SAR-66 or SAR-7 qualifications.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license acceptable to CAAS or equivalency may also apply.
  • Good analytical skills, able to grasp concepts, track and resolve issues quickly.
  • Experience in Continuous Improvement, Environment Health & Safety (EH&S), and Quality projects and initiatives.
  • Self-motivated to work independently with a positive attitude towards change management.
  • Good team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Commit to working on rotating shifts (Day & Night) and overtime on a need basis.
  • Pass and complete relevant CAAS examination credits:

SAR-66 (A&C – certifying complete engine)

  • M02 & M08 OR CO2 – Physics & Basic Aerodynamics OR Physics and Aerodynamics  
  • M06 & M07 OR TM1 – Material and Hardware & Maintenance Practices OR Aircraft Materials and Hardware, and Maintenance Practices (Mechanical)  
  • M09 – Human Factor and Error Management  
  • M10 OR CO1 – Airworthiness Administration OR Air Legislation  
  • M15 – Gas Turbine Engine


SAR-7 (A&C – certifying complete engine)

  • L11 OR L12 – Airworthiness Administration OR Air Legislation
  • H11 – Human Factor and Error Management  
  • B11 – Maintenance Practices and Materials
  • B13 – Electrical and Instrument Systems  
  • C14 – Turbine Engine Theory and Construction
  • C15 – Turbine Engine Systems